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Exits in Your Life

Posted in Picture, Thoughts in life on July 10, 2010 by nemosong

You will find many exits in your life, the finding the right exit is always difficult. In the end there is no right exit.


Alaska? Alaska!

Posted in diary, Thoughts in life on June 5, 2010 by nemosong

I wanna go to Alaska. I just don’t know why, but when I saw an Alaska Cruise travel package I decided to go there one day.

Perhaps because I hate this heat… Perhaps because it would be a lot different from here…

Oh don’t get me wrong! I still love party life and things in NYC!

Challenges for Next Two Years

Posted in diary, Thoughts in life, wish list on June 3, 2010 by nemosong

This year:
– Kayaking(done!)
– Swimming

Next year:
– Scuba diving
– Surfing

Stay active!

You Get What You Pay For

Posted in diary, Thoughts in life on May 28, 2010 by nemosong

Don’t fall for free stuff!!


I forgot what I was talking about in this post.

A Huge Cemetery on My Way to the City

Posted in Picture, Thoughts in life on May 21, 2010 by nemosong

Death is nearby.

Divorce is Cheap!

Posted in Picture, Thoughts in life on May 19, 2010 by nemosong

Crazy world…

Office Politics.

Posted in diary, Thoughts in life with tags on October 2, 2009 by nemosong

Yes, you can guess what happened to me.

I experienced some sort of the “Office Politics.”
There are two working groups, server guys and web developers. One day, web developers found that SMTP server experiences irregular failures often. They urge server guys. Now, the situation happens.

Story part #1: Issue Report
These server guys asks web developers to replace the SMTP server address due to replacing SMTP servers. There is a better way(keep the URL and only change the server), but the server guys recommend to replace the address to more reasonable name. According to them, web developers starts opening all their applications and find hard-coded SMTP addresses, centralize the server setting values to configuration files and make changes.

Story part #2: Dirty Investigation
Web developers find out that this new SMTP server doesn’t send any outgoing emails. They urge server guys about this issue. The guys ask web developers what the web application servers’ IP addresses. (Server guys? Aren’t they supposed to know the IP addresses?) The web developers just give the server guys server names. One of the server guys send out emails saying they need IP addresses of the servers, not the server names. He even kindly tells the developers how to find IP addresses using ‘nslookup.'(What is the point?) It is funny for the developers but they find the IP addresses and give them to the server guys. Then, one of the server guys call(and almost yelling at) one of the developers and ask what email is sent from web apps. They requires actual email streams. It is funnier but the developers prints out all streams and give them to the server guys.

Story part #3: who is helping who?
Later one of the server guys send out emails to everyone saying here is a list of IP addresses, and give him addresses so that he can add to it. What is the list for? No explanation. One gives them some addresses, another gives them some, and so on. The server guys only add the addresses from the last person’s email. The web developers email the guys again giving addresses they sent before. The server guys add the addresses but missed one. The developers tell the guys that they missed one. Finally the server guys add it.

The situation looks like the server guys are doing the web developers’ favor which is not true. The developers are working on this basically because the server guys were replacing the SMTP server and also because of the server guys’ laziness and stupidity. Developers are doing some weird useless job for them which is not used at all to get it work. Later it is just adding IP addresses.

Office Politics in this situation:
1. The server guys require more stupid things to the developers so that the developers feel like it’s a hard job and it takes so much effort to get the server guys’ jobs done. – Classy and stupid!!
2. The manager of the web developers are CC’d all the time, but the manager does not try to solve or correct or do any. She even give the developers more work while the developers argue with the server guys. – This isn’t management at all. Grow up, manager!

I know there are many people out there who think they know office politics, but B.S. I know better than these guys. I am above those guys. Grow up, people. It is not a smart way!!