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Thought about: No more need for an antivirus software?

Posted in IT, Security, Thoughts with tags , , on August 16, 2008 by nemosong

I have read an article: No more need for an antivirus software?

It was a good idea, not using local antivirus software but using cloud computing concept. However, this concept might have a logical hole,

“What if all the network connection is dead?”

Every time when an user wants to use a file or a program, his/her system has to ask to Network Service called CloudAV , but if the system cannot connect to the service, the system is not able to do anything. So I do not think we need no more anti-virus software. CloudAV can be a advanced tech and cover the rest of local anti-virus software’s uncovered area or capability. So both CloudAV and local anti-virus software are in symbiosis with each other.