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How to be a Great Manager: Say “No”

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While working in this field with my short 4 year career, I have learned some things like what abilities great managers and leaders have.

The first thing I learned is how to say “No”. Oh I don’t mean to say “No” to everything. (yeah I loved the movie ‘Yes man’!) I meant that managers or leaders should know how to say “No” when clients ask for more work which can’t be done on time. For example, let’s say we have a team for a project. Naturally, clients want more and better results from a project, and they always ask for more. They may ask to add more features or sometimes they ask to change very minor issues.(like font type or html/css stuff) More change or more update means longer time to finish the project, or sometimes it means changes of main structures of whatever.(can be DB or Web app structure.) Structure change can possibly mean redoing the project from the beginning.

If you have bad manangers or bad clients, you might have already experienced this. This is literally really bad. This kind of issue delays the whole project, and makes team members emotionally tired. And this make longer delay.

Let’s talk about a good example.

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How to Use Chopsticks.

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Do you know?

I use it exactly same as this.

Did you know that paper made chopstick slip has chopstick instruction on the back?

And I use chopsticks like that instruction. Exactly same!

See? I am standard!!

Kahlua, The First Tasting!

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What we needed for this test.

What we needed for this test.

At first, we bought a bottle of Kahlua, Vodka(Absolut), milk, and a pack of ice.

Kahlua! The basic ingredient.

Kahlua! The basic ingredient.

Vodka, called Absolut

Vodka, called Absolut

And milk!

And milk!

1. Kahlua Milk

: 2 parts of Kahlua and 1 part of milk. (no need to shake. just pour gently on ice.)

Kahlua Milk. Sweet~! for ladies!

Kahlua Milk. Sweet~! for ladies!

This one is really sweet with the coffee smell of Kahlua. Love this!

2. Kahlua White Russian

: 2 parts of Kahlua, 1 part of Vodka, 1 part of milk.

  1. Pour ice in your cup.
  2. Pour 2 parts of Kahlua.
  3. Pour 1 part of Vodka and then 1 part of milk.
Kahlua White Russian. Do you see the layers?

Kahlua White Russian. Do you see the layers?

I think milk is heavier than vodka. After I poured milk, vodka came up to the top of it.

Taste? Less sweet and a little more vodka! Good enough!

3. Kahlua Black Russian

: 2 parts of Kahlua, 1 part of Vodka.

  1. Pour 2 parts of Kahlua, and then 1 part of Vodka. That’s it! (You always need ice!!!)
Kahlua Black Russian. Real alcohol here. XP

Kahlua Black Russian. Real alcohol here. XP

This one is strong. Vodka stays on the top, so when you drink, you drink vodka first.

And these are the rest of pictures we took.

Me, drinking Kahlua Milk.

Me, drinking Kahlua Milk.

Carlos, tasting my cocktail.

Carlos, tasting my cocktail.

Non-drinker, Venkat. He just watched and videotaped the entire practice.

Non-drinker, Venkat. He just watched and videotaped the entire practice.

How to Use Wi-Fi at Starbucks for Almost Free.

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Hi, guys!

Wi-Fi service at Starbucks store is known as paid service.
Yes, it is. You must be a customer of either AT&T or T-Mobile Wi-Fi service.

However, you can access to the Wi-Fi for almost free.

Here is the detail.

Starbucks has a Starbucks card which you perhaps saw at checkout desk last time when you visited Starbucks.

People can purchase Starbucks food by this card, and reload it.
This is important:

if you use this card at least twice a month, you get 2 free hour Wi-Fi access every day!!

And actually it is not limited to 2 hours.(You can log in again.)

Ok. So here is how to.

  1. Purchase a Starbucks card at any local Starbucks store.
  2. Go to and sign-up for both and AT&T account.
  3. On, register your card.
  4. You will receive a verification email. You must check this and click on ‘verify’ link.
  5. From now on, you’re good to go.
  6. When you connect to Wi-Fi, choose AT&T network and log in.

You can also reload your card on