Working Late..

I started working late occasionally this year. People do not like working late, and neither do I. However, I would Say that my tasks become more serious and I am more important than before. I worked in the library till 9pm today. Partially because my office didn’t have AC on due to the power outage(Where in the world am I living in? My office doesn’t even have a decent AC, and this kind of power outage happens a few times a year!!!), and partially because it’s slow to work from home. It wasn’t bad; I actually enjoyed working late there. I get easily distracted if I am home anyways.

By the way, I keep telling myself “Don’t hate your users! Don’t hate your users!”


3 Responses to “Working Late..”

  1. Jango from Tokyo Says:


    I don’t like to work late neither. hahaha…
    As you knew, I have a babe recently, so this makes me leave the office earlier.
    as a result, I need to work during lunch time to finish my tasks.

    btw, what is AC? air conditioner?
    how about NY wheather? You could n’t leave without AC there?
    In Japan, AC is essential to live out Summer. Japan’s Summer is almost crazy.


  2. oh I hope your baby is growing up well! 🙂
    and yes AC stands for Air Conditioner.
    Now is ok in NY; 70-80 degree F this week. It’s like 60 degrees for a week, and 70 degrees for another week, and then back to 60 again.
    but summer is really long; feels like 4-5 months. And it’s usually really hot. yes we need AC too.

    My office area has a constant problem with the AC units. It fails working a few times every summer, and the temperature goes upto 90. In that case, we cannot work so we are off work. My small desk fan doesn’t help much since the air is too hot already. 😦

  3. we have a 5 year old General Electic air conditioner at home, GE makes some of the finest air conditioners out ther.;`;

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