Salad for Lunch

I started eating salad from Tozt for lunch.
I actually hesitated having it many times because it was not usual for me to have salad as a meal. However, once I decided, it was good and easy choice I made. Almost once a day I eat salad. Grilled chicken, romaine, egg white, tofu, tomato, carrot and fat-free dressing on them for 8 dollars. Yeah I know it’s lil expensive for lunch, but come on! I am eating healthy! And when I finish it, I don’t feel too full but enough full. And it lasts long in my stomach. šŸ™‚
Tomorrow, I will have it again!


2 Responses to “Salad for Lunch”

  1. that sounds good! hum… I wonder if just salad is enough for my lunch… maybe, I need a bigger bowl!

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