Recent Changes.

I recently finished my Summer classes, so I am officially done with school.!!! It took 7 and 1/2 years to get my B.S degree.(I got into my first college in 2002.) Wow. Can’t believe it.!!!

And I got a full time position at the place I am used to work as a part time web programmer. I started working full time this Monday. People keep asking me “How do you feel?” How do I feel? Not so different. Same place, same work, just a little more responsibilities.

Since I have no school work any more, I made new life policy for this new version of my life, Nemo v3.0.

  1. Read as much as I can. (books, magazines, etc)
  2. Watch as many movies as I can.(I watch at least 2~3 movies in a week. Thanks to Netflix!)
  3. Meet as many people as I can.(Socializing with friends and new people is really necessary. )
  4. Experience as many as I can.(I am always excited to do something new!)
  5. Invest for yourself.

One Response to “Recent Changes.”

  1. you are officially lame! luckily…you still get to hang out with us since you work in QC!!!

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