Travel Plan – San Fransisco.

About a month ago, a friend of mine left to SF for his life. He and his wife had been separated for a while by the situation(she had a job in SF and he had to finish college in NY), but finally he graduated and could go back to his wife. I was happy for him having his wife right next to him, but I was also sad losing him. He said, however, come visit SF for a vacation. Yes, right! Vacation!

So now I am planning a short vacation to SF. I still didn’t figure out what to do over there, but yes I am going to SF! Definitely!

The travel will happen between Sep. 3rd or 4th and 7th. Since my brother comes back home at the end of August and goes back to his base around Sep. 3rd, I may go to San Diego with him and from there go to San Fransisco. Who’s coming with me? I don’t know. Sufiyan was positive but then he has to figure out what’s going to happen at the moment. So basically it’s me and +a. 🙂

Where do I go? This is another question I should ask myself. First, I , of course, have to visit nice restaurants. And beaches, museums, Silicon Valley of course!

Matthew said he can hang out with me on the weekend, but I don’t wanna bother him and his wife, Rosy. So I should plan my own trip. and then I have to rent and drive a car over there too. then gotta buy a car and practice! Hm…

Anyways, I should start planning this ASAP.


4 Responses to “Travel Plan – San Fransisco.”

  1. charlie Says:

    If i get the job at the Department of Education or any other for that matter then I will go with you. I have to start getting used to places over there since that will be my future home.

  2. hello

    Hope everything is well for you.
    that sounds cool.

    sometimes i really envy you .
    because you are single.

    a couple of days ago, I suggested to my wife that I’d like to have a short bike travel alone. this trip allow me refreshed energized!

    however, this request is completely ignored and blamed –;

    have a good travel to SF.

    Green Apple

  3. @ Charlie // lol.

    @ Jango // Don’t need to envy me, Jango!
    I always wanted to have a girlfriend and travel around. I am a people person, so I hate to be alone. 😦
    Why don’t u go with your wife? wanna have your own time? Hm.
    Oh and what’s that green apple about???

  4. hello again,

    ^^ yep, I wanna have my own time.
    green apple means…something fresh…exactly my Dream.


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