9 Rules for Better Life.

Long ago, I watched a presentation of Matthew Childs about “9 Life Lessons from Rock Climbing.” It was quite right and brilliant. So I am posting the life lessons here for myself.

Rule #1: Don’t Let Go! (Don’t let chances go!)

Rule #2: Hesitation is Bad.

Rule #3: Have a Plan.

Rule #4: The Move is the End.

Rule #5: Know How to Rest.

Rule #6: Fear Sucks.

Rule #7: Opposites are good.

Rule #8: Strength doesn’t always equal to Success.

Rule #9: Know How to Let Go. (Know when and how to give up.)


3 Responses to “9 Rules for Better Life.”

  1. hi Nemo
    How are you doing?

    In case of me, One rule for my better life is
    Clear what and why I do.


  2. @ Jango // If you meant that finish the mess yourself you made, I totally agree.! 🙂

  3. i meant that it is important to confirm what
    i will do and why i will do before doing.


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