Finals Finished.

My blog readers, I am so sorry for not updating often.

I had had finals(actually one online final exam and one final project) recently, so I did not have enough chance to do it.

Sorry. 😦

Let me talk about my last project.
The project was for the ‘Programming Handheld Devices’ class.
I used J2ME and NetBeans for the class.
What was the last project? A PacMan game.
The core part of the game wasn’t good enough, but I made it up with all side effects like funny sounds and images.
And plus PPT! All others missed this part.
We had presentation for each one, and I was the only one who prepared PPT for it.
The professor was so glad that I did everything fine, and he joked me a lot in the class. πŸ™‚

I am so happy that I finished this semester.
My tennis class is done, and the writing intensive class is done too.
It’s time to relax and prepare for the last Summer sessions in school.
Oh, and my graduation commencement on May 28th too. πŸ™‚


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