New Desk Fan

My New Desk Fan!

My New Desk Fan!



Sometimes AC in my office doesn’t work well.
Ben, my supervisor, always had this fan so I wanted to have one like his.
And finally I got the same one!
It has a clip to hold a part of desk or cubicle.

Funny thing is that the fan itself is about $10, but shipping is $8 and tax is $2.

Final cost : $20. WTF!


2 Responses to “New Desk Fan”

  1. when I first opened the page, I didn’t read what you wrote and just didn’t look at the fan photo on the box, so it’s just a quick glance on the pic. I thought the box’s a book, and when I saw the word “personal fan”, I thought of the word “fan” in something like “fan club”. hum… so I was like what? personal fan (club of who? or what?) lol

    That’s how my brain worked sometimes ^ ^;

  2. @ Sasipa // haha read carefully! 🙂

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