What I don’t like about GoDaddy Support.

I have been using web hosting service from GoDaddy.com for about a year.
Recently I began ASP.NET AJAX study group, and I thought I could use the hosting service for this study group.
And I checked GoDaddy.com website and it said their windows hosting supports AJAX extensions.
I thought that I could use my test page to study some AJAX controls.

Unfortunately, it showed some error message saying the server cannot find “AJAX Controltoolkit”.
I emailed GoDaddy support team and asked whether they support AJAX extensions and toolkit, and they emailed me back about more than 12 hours later.
They said they support AJAX Extensions. That was all they said. What about toolkit?
i emailed back again and asked “what about controltookit? do you guys also support it?”
Guess what they said.
“Yes we support controltoolkit.”

So what? I already told them that I am experiencing an error not finding ajax toolkit thing.
They just kept sending me emails but no clear answer.

I sent them 3rd email asking about ajax controltoolkit examples.

People, have some common sense, and think!


2 Responses to “What I don’t like about GoDaddy Support.”

  1. Hi,

    Did you ever solve your toolkit problem? I am running into the same wall with GoDaddy.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. @ Nick // they said they do support toolkit but they don’t offer technical support for that.
    So I gave up and thinking of canceling web hosting service.

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