Great Managers I Have Had.

Manager is not a good job.

Especially in this IT field, being manager means taking care of team members and team schedules.

In my(short but not very short) career, I had two good managers.
I met the first manager when I was working for a community college for two months. At that time, he had been working in the field for more than 10 years. He wasn’t aware of new technologies, but he had good sense of things and experiences. And he had skills to handle people(more exactly customers). Moreover, he took care of not only my work progress but also my personal problems. He never hesitated giving me advices. And twice a week we had dinner and drank together after work. I was sad when the two-month contract was done. He tried to get me some more work so that I could work with him, but did not work well.

The second good manager was met when I got a part time job a couple years ago. It was the first time I had a female manager, and I didn’t have any idea what was going to happen since I hadn’t have female manager before. (No offence, women! Read this carefully!) She was very kind and very skillful. Her knowledges were up-to-date, and she knew how to manage her own people. She oversaw all her team members’ capability, progress, and growth. She always got me a bit more challengeable projects so that I could get better. Also she always listened to me. Whenever I had problems or issues, she helped me a lot.

Yes, right. I had great managers. But you know what? It is really hard to meet this kind of managers. I am really glad that I met them.


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