Tennis. what I need for now.

I began learning tennis this semester.
I needed to take an 1 credit gym class, and i always wanted to learn tennis so I registered for it.

Progress? I’m OK-level. I want to be better, but it is only my idea and my body doesn’t work well with that. 😛
I learned fore-hand, back-hand and serve.
So far, serve is still hard.

Today, I had a test in the class.
The professor(coach sounds right though..) served balls, and I had to hit them with fore-hand and back-hand.
I fore-hand was supposed to be good, but sucked.
Balls go everywhere. (I kept saying “WTF happened to me?”)
Fortunately, my back-hand was kind of good. 🙂
After the test, the professor told me that I did good. \(>_<)/

and beginning next week, I have a competition. I should play better.
In order to do better, I should practice this weekend.. !!!


2 Responses to “Tennis. what I need for now.”

  1. Cool!! I’ve not played it for ages already. I wonder if I might already forget how to play – -;

  2. At Sasipa // yah. I should keep playing after the class is done. 🙂

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