Going to DC

I’m on a bus heading to DC Now.
I am visiting an old friend from highschool.
Actually he is in Virginia but I decided to go to DC and let him pick me up since there are more things to see and do in DC than in Virginia.
This will be a very short trip.
I leave. NY now and arrive there around 3-4pm.
Tomorrow I will leave DC at 6:15pm; so totally I stay there for a day. 😦

This is a good experience travelling alone.
This bus is good.
The driver is kind and funny. He will show the movie “Bed Time Story” because we have some children passengers on board. How thoughtful he is!
Free water, and free wi-fi too!
This is how I can blog now on the bus. Sweet!!

A nice looking lady sitting the other side of mine is working with document and holding a laptop with her.
I think she is in a business trip.

The bus is on highway, and views are so nice.

Oh, so I will blog later again!


2 Responses to “Going to DC”

  1. wow~ u got a wifi on a bus??? wowowowow~

  2. At Sasipa//
    Yes I don’t know how they make the wi-fi work though.
    I should look into it.

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