HTML for Web Programmers

OK. So here is the idea what some web programmers(especially .NET programmers) think of HTML.

“Why do we need to learn HTML? We just need to drag and drop controls and edit properties in dialog boxes.”


“Why? Dreamweaver is the god generating HTML pages, and I believe in Dreamweaver!!!”

My honest answer? !diputS

The general idea we all know or at least web programmers know is that web designers create page views and html pages of them. And then we(web programmers or web developers) use those html pages to make them alive. What if your web designer doesn’t code html but just give you a whole image file? How are you going to work with it? Just fight and wait until the web designer learns html?

No. No you don’t do that. You gotta do what you have to do, and your project manager doesn’t wait for you to wait for your web designer.

Actually this happens frequently in our real workplaces. Web designers don’t want to type html code, and web programmers don’t want to type html codes from scratch. If you work at a right place at least, web designers give you html files. However, you are not sure if they wrote good enough html or not. Or sometimes you need to fix the html files web designers wrote. Then you definitely have to know html.

OK, then what’s up with Dreamweaver? Isn’t it useful for this job?

Dreamweaver is a great tool for non-html people. And these people don’t know how they create dirty html code while they copy, paste, delete, insert and delete again. An easy tool has gone wrong. A dirty html code makes editing the page hard and time consuming. And you know this equation.

Time consuming = Project delay.

So what do you think?


2 Responses to “HTML for Web Programmers”

  1. i do use dreamweaver since I’m lazy to write everything from a scratch. However, I know what you mean by the messy html code caused by dreamweaver. I do know some (or a bit lol) html, so I could notice that messy part causing by editing the site with copy and paste, drag and drop. hum.. that’s why sometimes I copied and pasted some stuff, and when later deleted or edited it, I had to change to the html view mode sometimes to arrange the html code as well to make it neat. hum.. so I think it’s not bad to use dreamweaver, but it’s better if you use it while you know some html at the same time.

  2. At Sasipa //
    Don’t worry about it, Sasipa.
    This is about web programmers being lazy or less educated by themselves.
    I am not telling that we should use hammer instead of machine, but we should know how to use hammer when the machine doesn’t work or doesn’t work properly.

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