Wednesday’s Fortune Cookie

“One who does nothing but wait for his ship to come has already missed the boat.”

And this is what I’m not trying to do.



2 Responses to “Wednesday’s Fortune Cookie”

  1. Hello! Nemo-san,

    (Many japanese co-workers around me usually add -san to people who are not Japanese. San means Mr, Mrs…)

    I love what you commented here.
    btw, have you ever done what you hate(or not interested) before?
    Recently, I am in an awkward situation, because I have to make the dicidion if I do something that I do not want to do.
    I am not sure that this is for me.

    if you are in my shoes, what do you do?

    have fun

  2. At Jango-san // Hi.! 🙂
    Is it what you have to do? or you have any choice?
    If it is, then enjoy doing it.
    Some told me this; “Do what you have to do, and do what you want to do too.”
    However, if you have choices and you are not sure about it, don’t.

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