Spring Break

Yes. Spring break started.
I planned a couple of things including a road trip to Virginia, so I thought this break would be great.

The truth is that the trip is canceled. Another trip was told and it was train trip, but it was canceled again.
And the reason why the trips were canceled was MONEY.

Now I hate this situation. I understand how hard my friends work and how they pay their bills, but I don’t want my break to be this boring.

So guess what! I’m going to Virginia alone next weekend!
I’m visiting my old high school friend there.

Oh and I forgot about Cris’ birthday party on Friday and Christina’s daughter’s 1st birthday party!!

So this break isn’t that boring!!


6 Responses to “Spring Break”

  1. It’s not only about the money. Money can be had by working. Don’t forget that we also have Yukawa’s project, Fluture’s project, Database project all due after the spring break and we have the midterms a week after we get back then the finals. Talk about boring.

  2. At Charlie // I know~ I am not blaming you! lol

  3. Hi Nemo again!

    10 years ago, I was here in Japan as exchange student.
    there was also ‘break’. so I worked so hard and made enough money for the trip that I plan to go with my friend.

    Unfortunately, my friend did not join this trip.
    I had to change my plan asap. because this trip was scheduled for two.

    I changed my transportation from a train to a motorbike.
    but this gave so many opportunity to make a lot of friends and gave me many thinking time.

    I am sure that you will meet many good friends through your trip.

    Have a nice journey

  4. At Jango // Thanks for your good story!
    I hope I can make friends there.
    Actually people there like when I say I’m from NY. lol
    I will try my best.

  5. where’s my spring break?? I don’t have anymore since I’m a student no more… 😥

  6. At Sasipa // lol that’s the beauty of being a student! 😛

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