People I don’t want to hang out with…

There are two kinds of people: one who makes other people joyful, the other one who makes people angry.

Yesterday, I hung out with the second kind.
If you live in some place like New York, you will meet a lot of different people speaking different 1st languages.
And if you hang out with these people and if they speak their own language only, you will feel so angry and anxious.

And yes. It was my case.
I always felt like that, but this time it was too much.
They kept talking in their language and every time when they finished a story, one guy told me what topic they talked about..
Can you understand them? I can’t.
I was just angry, so I didn’t speak at all but just drinking.

People, grow up!


5 Responses to “People I don’t want to hang out with…”

  1. Hello. I’m jin hyeoung.

    I’m sorry to hear that.

    I think they are asian?

    You don’t neet to think about them.

    Cheer up.

  2. hi Buddy!

    hey cheer up!
    you are not wrong.

    I think they just do not know how rude they are.
    They also do not know how to be kind.

    We have been educated well and we have learned what is good for other people in Korea.
    why do not we give them chance to be kind?

    just forgive them.

    by the way, thank you very much for your reall address.
    so I could hang around your hometown via Google street view.

    I envy you cus you are now living the most famous city in the world.
    Have you been Central Park? Central Park is one of stages used in the Drama – Friends

    See you

  3. At Dennis // Hey! How u doing? 🙂 I gotta call you some day!
    At Jango // Yeah, I think you are right.
    By the way, living here is not that great nor fancy as you see in dramas or movies.
    Only Manhattan(we call that ‘the city’) looks like Seoul. 😦
    I was in the park a few times, but still didn’t browse the whole place. it is too huge. lol

  4. It happened to me when I hang out with some French students, and… they didn’t even tell me what the topic’s about… and… hehe you know how I felt.. =s

  5. At Sasipa // it really sucks!

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