Unexpected Nice Day Off.

Yes, if you live in NYC, you know this story.

There was snow-storm last night and was snowing until this morning.
Schools and colleges were closed, and workplaces called off.
I also had a class canceled and work canceled too. lol
What did I do? Humm.. Staying home~!

When I was having a piece of grape+peanut butter sandwich, I saw Danny, a friend of mine living upstairs, shovelling snow in front of the house. I went out to help him shovel snow on the street and on his and his friend’s cars. It turned out that I went upstairs and hung out with them upstairs.

They are all young, about early 20’s, and kind. I watched two movies with them. So today became a movie day! Not alone any more!! yay!!!

So, yes this is what I did today.

Tomorrow, I am kinda busy.A tennis class, tax report, a project and a paper due this Friday.
I hope I can handle these.


2 Responses to “Unexpected Nice Day Off.”

  1. Thanx for the early morning text. If it hadn’t been for the text you sent me at 7 am I would’ve gone to school.

  2. At Charlie // Your welcome~!

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