My New Laptop: Toshiba M305

My new Toshiba laptop

My new Toshiba laptop



My previous HP laptop was broken due to Bios update problem.
It was totally HP’s fault, but they charged me $400 to fix it. What? No way!!!

I was basically waiting for a Windows 7-installed laptop which will be launched this year or next, but couldn’t wait longer because of school projects.

I bought this for $800 including tax and shipping from Bestbuy.
It has 4gb memory expandable up to 8gb, and battery last about 4~5 hour long.
The only disadvantage is that The whole keyboard is glossy, so now I see my fingerprints everywhere on it.

Anyway, I am happy with this.


2 Responses to “My New Laptop: Toshiba M305”

  1. eh… ur new laptop looks cool……. I want as well >_< My laptop was broken as well, but I decided to buy one desktop instead with OK quality and another netbook with..soso quality lol Like.. I use the netbook when I was outside in the field work which.. doesn’t require much since I just use some function like internet, words, etc. so I think I don’t need that good laptop/netbook.. With that, I saved the money to spend on my desktop instead.

  2. At Sasipa // Thanks. It is all good but too shiny and easy to leave finger prints..
    You made the right choice though. Netbook is just right for you in your case.
    what model did u get?

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