My Every Day Carry(EDC) Gear

I read an article on ZDNet about EDC gear of the writer, and I decided to write about mine too.

  1. iPod Touch: This has been my favorite gadget since I bought. This is my planner, To-Do list, D-day counter, email client, mobile web browser, map, subway map, gaming console, music player, video player, notes, weather caster, dictionary, and more.
  2. Basic phone: Cellphone is a must for me. I have been using cellphones since when I was 16 years old. My first phone was a flip-phone with very basic functions such as phone and text msg. It was light and cheap; I paid 20 dollars for it at a subway station. Currently I am using Samsung A930, but I actually don’t like it. Thick and heavy. It has many functions but all costy. plus useless. In this year, I will get 3rd generation iPhone I think.
  3. Pen: I always keep a pen with me. A pen is handy anytime. Maybe it can be used when you write your phone number on a piece of paper and give it to someone. lol
  4. Something to read: I know I don’t read what I bring, but I always keep something to read with me. These days, I bring Wired magazine or one of Joel’s books.

One Response to “My Every Day Carry(EDC) Gear”

  1. Get an iPhone. It will eliminate your list.

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