iPod Touch Sync Server

Take a look at this picture.

iPod Touch Sync Server.

iPod Touch Sync Server.

This is an iPod Touch Sync Server.

It connects 25 16G 1st Gen. iPod Touch’s, and sync all music at the same time.
Can you see iPod Touch’s in the rack? There are two racks for iPod Touch’s.
And at the bottom of the cart, there are two Mac Mini’s to sync.

Funny thing is that that whole package except monitor, keyboard and mouse, everything is sold by Apple. I realized that Apple knows the market. lol

I added one more category, wishlist. I know it won’t happen, but if I have that server, I will be so happy.(I know that is almost useless for me though.)


2 Responses to “iPod Touch Sync Server”

  1. Aren’t those just two mac minis connected to 25 iPod Touches by a USB hub? What will be great is if we can actually use those for FOLDING@HOME(Ditributed computing)!

  2. At Charlie // Ok. This server is used for education. Music department and Education department use this server to sync media files and lend the iPod Touches to students for some classes. Does this explain enough?
    Back to the discussion, iPod Touch is not good for distributed computing. For the same cost, we get more CPU power if we buy small computers like Eee pc.

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