Adopting a Cat.

I am thinking of adopting a cat.
Recently I spend so much time alone, so I have been lonely.
I am not sure. Having a pet demands so much responsibility.
I am still thinking if I can take the responsibility.
Who is going to give the pet meals? Who is going to take the pet to hospital? Who is going to walk the pet? Who is going to teach where to pee/poo? Who? Who??

Yes. It must be me, but I am not sure if I am ready for this…
I am again worried if the cat feels lonely when I am late..

Let me think…


3 Responses to “Adopting a Cat.”

  1. Don’t do it Nemo! A pet demands constant attention and time something you don’t have at this point with the new semester coming up.

  2. At least you don’t need to walk a cat. hum… I think cats’re different from dogs. They’re a lot more independent. However, I’ll add one thing.. sometimes they will wake you up so early in the morning. Still, if you’re alone and with only one cat, I don’t know.. maybe it’ll feel lonely?

    PS. sorry that I don’t really have time to comment that much after my work started… but I’m trying to read ur blog when I got time =)

  3. At Charlie // you know my schedule. right?
    At Sasipa // I know cats are independent, but at least I have someone to talk to.(of course I don’t get any reaction though..)
    I am not so serious now, but keep thinking of it.
    And thanks for visiting and reading my blog. 🙂

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