New Year Resolution.

I thought about my new year resolution.

  1. I want to love the moment I will live.
  2. I want to love someone special more than 2008.
  3. I want to experience as many as possible.
  4. I want to study what I like.
  5. I want to read books. (I cannot say how many..)
  6. I want to get a safe job. (because of current financial situation in this country..)
  7. I will do push-up every day. (need more workout though.)
  8. I will learn Tennis. (I am going to take a tennis class.)

2 Responses to “New Year Resolution.”

  1. Happy New Year!

    Some of ur wishes are the same as mine. Wish all your wishes are granted this year ^ ^

  2. At Sasipa // haha. what wishes are same?

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