Becoming a Bartender at a Small Party.

My friends and I are planning a small party.

We will invite a few more people and will share food and drinks.

And as a rookie bartender, I will make some kinds of cocktail.



My first drinks will be made of Kahlua.

  1. Kahlua Milk
  2. Kahlua Black Russian
  3. Kahlua White Russian

These three will be my drinks.
I will test those tomorrow, and take pictures to show you guys. :p


4 Responses to “Becoming a Bartender at a Small Party.”

  1. hi!

    it looks funny!
    I’d like to be there and have a talk with you and your friends.
    when I came to JP. me and my friends(2 guys) shared a house (room share) for one year. we invited my friends and had really good time!
    you remind me of the past.

    Have a great great time!
    I am waiting for some pictures!


  2. At Jango // Oh, the bottle? lol
    If you can come, you are always welcome! 🙂
    You will see pictures up there!

  3. Oh… never tried that but i think it looks nice and I love cocktails (though I rarely drink ) =)

  4. At Sasipa // You should try it! really good. 🙂

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