Fortune Cookie!


I had been busy for my final exams, and now I’m back.

Ok. Some days ago, while studying in school library, my friends and I ordered Chinese food.
And I got this message from the fortune cookie.

“A new voyage will fill your life with untold memories.”

What is that? Should I leave everything and get a new life or something? lol
Hm.. untold memories.. lol this is hard. isn’t this? 😛


5 Responses to “Fortune Cookie!”

  1. Oh, that’s why I’ve not seen you around for a while.

    I think it’s just mean a new travelling or by doing something new to your life, you’ll gain memories (since it’s something hasn’t happened yet, it’s still “unfold”, and with that, you life’ll be more fulfilled =p

    I once tried that fortune cookie as well. What I got was “Don’t let your past experiences limit your future view.” or something like that. I can’t really remember the exact words =)

  2. At Sasipa // I agree. So I am thinking of two trips. Ski trip and road trip. yay!
    Ur message sounds awesome. I like it. 🙂

  3. Cool!! 2 trips!! Actually, I’m going on the trip tmr morning!! I’ll take a plane to the north east of Thailand with mum, then meet some relatives there. After that, we’ll drive downward to Bangkok, and on the way, we’ll stop at one mountain which’s a tourist spot for camping. (sleeping in the tent and that kind of stuff ^ ^ ) Then I’ll be back again on 29th night or 30th =p

  4. hi, Nemo!

    welcome back!
    Ski trip & Road trip ! sounds great!

    where do you go for ski trip? and road trip?
    do you go there with your co-workers or friends? that’s so nice!

    I bumped into one of my friends on the way home yesterday.
    then we want to ‘곱창구이집-japanese style’. we were talking about the future economic condition.
    why I said this, we usually go to ski once a year at least. unfortunately I can’t go this season.
    because this bad economic condition causes our wallet closed.

    so Nemo! if you take nice pictures of sking. please upload them for me 🙂
    see you! and have a great trip!


  5. At Sasipa // Wow nice~

    At Jango // Vermont I think. And road trip to New Orleans.
    곱창구이 sounds so yummy~ ah~!!
    of course with friends. 🙂

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