One Laptop Per Child(OLPC) Video – Masi Oka.


2 Responses to “One Laptop Per Child(OLPC) Video – Masi Oka.”

  1. hi there!

    It is not you?!
    when I open this page, I do not doubt that it is you. 🙂

    It is Chrismas season.
    because whenever I turn on the radio. most songs are related to Chrismas.
    Btw, Do you like to make a donation? I bought a picture book for kids who are sick and lie in bed in at hospital. helping people around me is my happiness.

    Always thank you for sharing good information.
    And Happy Chrismas week!

    See you and take care!


  2. At jango // Hi! 🙂
    Ok it’s not me you know. lol Actually he is real smart. I watched a show and in the show he said his IQ was 189!!!!
    This is my first time to decide to donate.
    I used to think that I will donate when I earn enough money, but now I think it is the time for me to change.
    I will donate a laptop via OLPC on this Christmas, and I already joined (Starbucks)red.
    I will update my blog about donation things.
    Thanks for staying tuned!
    Happy holidays~!!

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