CUNY IT Conference 08

Lisa, Tom, and Jeff presenting.

Lisa, Tom, and Jeff presenting.

Tom, presenting technical thingys.

Tom, presenting technical thingys.

I attended  CUNY IT Conference held in John Jay College today. I was late today because it wasn’t easy to find the location. The conference wasn’t so technical.


8 Responses to “CUNY IT Conference 08”

  1. Did you take these pics with your new camera? How’s ur new camera so far? like it? =D

    At least I think you did ur best to find the location, and you did find it and attend! That’s good already!

    PS. Out of topic but I went to Korean restaurant today. Just that reminded me about you since you’re Korean.

  2. At Sasipa // No. I got the camera after this conference.
    While going to the library in my school, I checked the delivery status and it was delivered. No one of my family signed for it though. so I knew that the delivery guy left it at the front door.
    So I had to stop by my house, pick up the package, and open how it looked like.
    It is real great and I love it.

    About the conference, my bosses and co-workers were presenting some important projects so I was kinda invited. Those pictures were taken using my cellphone camera. not so bad. right? 🙂

    Korean food? what did you have?

  3. Oh… the quality of ur mb phone camaera’s good!! I didn’t know it’s taken by the mb phone. My mb phone got the camera function but I never use it since the quality’s quite bad ^ ^;

    for the food, you already saw from the blog. The set I had got a main dish as well though it doesn’t look clear on the photo (the one on the left of the rice bowl). It’s a slice fried pork fried with some onion, carrot, chilli, and the red chilli sauce which I don’t know how to call ^ ^;). For the noodle, I think the real thing looked more than in the pic, but of course, it’s not that big. However, I think it’s also coz it’s one of the cheapest set in the menu… That set costs something like between $2-3 only =p

  4. hi buddy,

    how are you doin?
    it is about more than 3weeks that I visit again here.

  5. these pictures remind me of the presentation which I did 1month ago.
    I presented about our new plans to staffs who come from our branchs – London, Newyork, Hongkong.
    Everything is progressed in English.

    I was so nervous and my throat is dried at that time. because it was my first presentation in English. 🙂
    even I have co-works who are speaking English, and I have many chance to talk with them.
    speaking in public in Engish is diffcult for me. I think I will do it much better next time.
    Bye the way, did you have a fear of public speaking in English?


  6. p.s.
    now my local time (Tokyo) is December 7, 2008 @ 5:18 pm
    we have 9-hour-time gap. 🙂
    I have one who is studing at USA. I tried phone call this morning.
    unfortunately he didn’t get the phone calls. 🙂 I will try again right now.
    because it is morning there.

  7. At Sasipa // thanks it is not so good but useful. 🙂

    At Jango // wow long time no visit!! How are you doing??
    Oh I wasn’t presenting that day but people want me to do it next year. lol
    I know it is real hard but people are not so serious in presentations.
    So sometimes I try to make jokes. Try it. May work! 🙂

  8. At Jango again // FYI: No way. It is 13 hour gap. I am 13-hour behind of you.

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