Waiting for My New Camera.

I recently purchased a camera for myself.
It is a kind of a gift for this holiday season, and also a gift to cheer myself that I spent a good year, 2008.

The camera is Fujifilm S700. Looks a bit similar to DSLR, but less functions and less options.
Price was the problem. It was $169.99 on Amazon.com until the day before I purchased.
Next day, the price went up to $232.99. Couldn’t believe my eyes.
I was like almost giving up, then I went to Google checkout.
Some stores had low enough price. So I paid $108.99 + $11 shipping.

I can’t wait so few times a day I check the shipping status. lol
And finally they shipped it this morning!
One of the major reasons is gone now, but I still hope to take pictures in good quality.
And this winter, I will try to get out and have photograph-trip. 🙂


4 Responses to “Waiting for My New Camera.”

  1. Cool!!! so could I expected to see more pics coming up on ur blog?

    I’ve had 3 cameras in my life.

    The first one was olympus… the quality’s soso. but it’s now broken already… by my sister haha She took that one with her to the US, and broke it somewhere in Indiana – -;

    Now I got 2 camaras. I would say fuji’s one of my favourite brands, so… of course, both of them are fuji.

    One of them is s7000, I bought by myself years ago during my undergraduate by the money I saved. When I bought it, I kinda said g’bye to my money TT__TT but… I like it…

    The other one is f30. I love my s7000 one, but it’s quite big to carry it around for my daily life photos which’s more casual, so last time when I came back to Thailand, my mum bought this one for me as a gift.

    hum… so far so good… I love photo taking ^_^ hum… I like using macro function… I’ll put some photos I took on my blog some other time (probably not today since it’s already 1am here).

    PS. yeah photograph trip sounds fun, gogogo!!

  2. At Sasipa // Wow. 3 cameras?
    This one is also my 3rd camera. My first and second were a bit bad.
    So now I am really expecting this one.
    I don’t know that the macro function does, but it makes pictures great.
    I will try it after I get the camera and when I have chance.(obviously after final exams. lol)
    I will have a ski trip next year, so I will take it with me.
    then I may take good pics.! 🙂

  3. Macro’s like when u take the pic of something closely. e.g. the close up pic of the flower. Each camera will have different close up distance that it can take. my s7000 has 1centimetre for macro while my olympus had 7cm. If I use my olympus to take the pic of the object closer than 7cm, the pic’ll be blur while my s7000 can take as close as 1cm ^ ^

    I think fuji’s quite nice. My relative got a fuji film store, so we saw pics taken by diferent brands of cameras of the customers, so we found fuji cameras give good quality photos ^ ^

    Cool! take lot of pics!! last time i went to ski I took only few pics since I concetrated more on skiing… i regret a bit that i should take more – -;

  4. At Sasipa // Thanks for the explanation! I just got the camera today.
    So excited to play with it. 🙂

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