Being Special to Someone.

Being special to someone is kind of hard at first. It is not planned. It is not working as someone wants. The person who will be special does not know that he/she will be. And the person won’t know whether he/she is special until he/she gets signals back from his/her someone.

Today, I became someone’s special someone. The meaning of this ‘special’ isn’t like boyfriend or girlfriend. However, I am now special to someone. I am a bit sad that I couldn’t be more than special, but on the other hand I am happy that I can still be special and take care of the someone. I don’t know how long it will last. I don’t know how this will go. I don’t know if I may be special to someone else. But for now, I am special.

I am trying to be enjoying the present. And the reason why I am doing all this is because I don’t want to regret when I look back my life. I do whatever my heart says to me to do. And I will keep doing it.

And now I am special to someone. Now I am happy with that.


5 Responses to “Being Special to Someone.”

  1. Totally agree with you, but What’s more than special? (I’m not sure what you mean on that point)

    hum… If you’re special to someone, you’re lucky. I think it’s a good thing either you feel someone as special or someone feel of you as special.

    I was special to someone, but it didn’t last. Now there’s someone special to me though I’m not really someone special to him, and I don’t think I’ll ever be. Of course, I wish to be special to someone, but no one has come to me and say that yet.. hum.. It must be a nice feeling, isn’t it? realizing that you’re special to someone. For me? someday… someday…

    PS. I found myself becoming the regular reader of ur blog… if you don’t mind… ^ ^;

  2. At Sasipa // Thanks for being a reader of my blog. 🙂
    What is more than special? Hmm.. I believe the most person important person in the world to someone. Could be a lover, could be something else.
    I am sorry to hear that. but it is still good that you have someone special. ^-^

  3. hum… ic… someone more than special…

    At first I thought “oh yeah, I wish I’m someone more than special to someone” Then, there’re some ppl… they’re my parents. Once they said “you know after you were born, I live my life for you.” Another time, one of them said “What I can do is to try to prepare stuff for you to try to make sure you won’t face difficult life after I die. Now the only thing left I wanna see is to see you work and be able to live and support yourself. With that, I can die happily already.”

    I think… every parents will have the same feeling more or less, so I think you too are already someone more than special to your parent(eventhough they may or may not express their feeling out loud)=)

  4. At Sasipa // Yes, parents are special too. but I am talking about relationships. 🙂

  5. oh, ic haha

    hum…. like friendship or love or that kind of stuff?

    hum.. hum.. but yeah… if I’ll ever have even only one person who thinks of me as someone more than special, that’s even more than enough! either it’s friend or any other kinds of relationship.

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