Re-organizing my computer location setting.

A week ago, I got a used computer desk.
It looks decent and holds enough space for a desktop computer and something more.
I had been imagining the new setting, and this morning I reorganized everything.(meaning computers..)

I have a HP laptop, a iMac, and a OpenSuse desktop with a huge 19″ CRT monitor.(slow..) + HP All-in-one printer.

My Desk and iMac. Nice sunshine~!

My Desk and iMac. Nice sunshine~!

All my stuff.

All my stuff.

Oh, I forgot to mention this.
I have a Xbox 360 hooked up with that CRT monitor too.
I think I need a switch between the desktop and xbox 360 to the monitor.
And on the right side of the monitor, I have the printer.

My laptop’s position is a bit weird because I have to seat opposite if I use it.
(The iMac got the small desk my laptop was usually placed on.)

Cabling was real pain in my ass, but after a while, it almost disappeared to behind the used computer desk.

Nice job, Nemo! =)


2 Responses to “Re-organizing my computer location setting.”

  1. I looked at the pics of your desk….. then… I moved my eyes from the computer screen to my desk… Gosh… mine’s so messy =s

  2. At Sasipa // haha. I see. Also mine was a whole mess, but I threw them out and re-organized.
    I do this once every six months. lol if not, I can’t live in my room. T-T

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