My hand got burned.

I was ironing five dress-shirts tonight.

Suddenly my mom asked me something, and I was answering and ironing at the same time.

Finally I hand touched the hot iron, and my hand became…

My hand got burned.

My hand got burned.

It was somewhat stupid mistake.


One Response to “My hand got burned.”

  1. At least it’s coz of the reasonable reason. When I was a child (in primary school, perhaps), after my dad finished using the iron, I was curious if it’s hot or not. How did I find out? I touched it! After the first touch, I felt something but I wasn’t sure if it’s hot or what. so? Let’s give it another try, and after the second time, OUCH!! =s Then, I realized I just did something stupid. I thought if I should tell my parents about my hand…I hesitated for 1 min…but I told them finally since I started feeling it’s burning. Years later, I told them what I was thinking back then. They laughed and said “You’re smart but stupid”.

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