Losing people.

As a team, losing team members is a very important problem.
There are various reasons  why people quit.

Reasons I possibly could think of are:
1. For better education(going to grad school)
2. For better work environment(can be literally environment, but also more salary and so on..)
3. Due to family matter.
4. For just getting out of the team.

Yesterday, I heard a member of my team leaves us soon.(It is real soon. Working until this Friday.!!!)
I was happy for him because he stepped up for himself, but I was also sad because we are losing our
people. So from next week, we will be only four people: a webmaster, SP coordinator, and two programmers(one is full-time, the other one is part-time, me).

The person who just leaves us has reason #2. Good for him. But he may have another reason, probably #4.

Since 2008, we lost 5 people. The team of 7 became the team of 4(we hired a few people in between). As we are losing people, the tasks for the rest of us increase, and the main task now is not the one we did before. Mainly we maintain our apps, and new app-dev requests keep coming.

We need a manager who can say ‘NO’. We need to learn how to say ‘NO’. And we need more programmers. This is so funny that one full-time programmer and one part-time programmer are going to run a college Internet & Intranet. No this is not possible. No.

I am really wondering whether people in the main office noticed how serious this problem is..

p.s: I don’t know what I wrote. This is not a college essay, so please do not consider the structure or grammar. -_-+


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