DIY: Laptop Stand

I am a laptop user.

I have been using laptops for about 6 years, and I have faced a problem which never solved, HEAT.
I thought of purchasing some laptop stand which raises the angle between laptop and surface of desk.
However, most of them are ugly or expensive.

All of sudden, I just read Wired Charlie Sorrel’s blog post – Instant Project: DIY Coathanger Notebook Stand, and I decided to make my own.
All I needed was a coat-hanger and a wiring tool, and it was done in 5 minutes.

Cant find any difference?

Can't find any difference?

Now you see the leg?

Now you see the leg?

This is it. Skeleton Laptop Stand!

This is it. Skeleton Laptop Stand! And the only wiring tool used for this process.

Detailed finish of an arm to hold a laptop.

Detailed finish of an arm to hold a laptop.

It was an easy process, and it is priceless!!

Pros: No $ needed. Fast construction. Fully customizable.
Cons: Can be weak. It depends on how you make it.


6 Responses to “DIY: Laptop Stand”

  1. you must be Mcgyber(?).

    Last Friday,I moved to Chiba Prefecture from Tokyo.
    I am so sick of Tokyo life. because nature is not enough for me.

    I am totally satisfied with my new place except only one thing.
    It will take more than 30mins to get the company. –;

    Nimo, I d like to upload some photos for more details.
    Can I upload into your blog?

    see you.


  2. Jango // Haha, thanks. It was nothing though.
    I try to experience anything I haven’t experienced before.
    I was a boring nerd when I was in my country, but now I feel like I should be more active and more experienced.
    Good for you. so you finally moved out from Tokyo. ^-^
    more than 30 minutes. but it won’t be more than an hour. right?
    I remember that I spent 2 hours to go to college some years ago.
    4 hours a day was spent on the way to go to school and come back.
    but it was good thing that I could take a nap or read books.
    It will be good for you too.

    By the way, you may use picasa web album or flickr to upload your pics.
    I use picasa and use image urls to display on this blog.

  3. what an invention haha but it’s cool

    I agree with what’s on the shelf outthere.. Often, it’s cheap but ugly, or it’s pretty but with ugly price =p

    and to your above comment, I know what you meant by saying how different you became when you’re abroad. I tried to be a bit different as well in trying to be more active, out-going, and experience new things.

  4. At Sasipa // Haha Thanks. I got that from a website,
    I am planning a ski trip this winter. lol

  5. Cool, I miss ski >< Unfortunately, now I’m not living in a place with snow during winter anymore…. Last year was the first time I tried ski. I love it though I spent most of my time falling and falling down from the mountain =p but rolling in the snow’s not bad haha

  6. At Sasipa // haha. too bad. I am going to learn snowboarding this time. so I add one more activity in my life!

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