My Poor Dress Shirt…

Here is the thing.

These days I have to wear some casual dress shirts because I have meetings with clients outside college.
I bought a dress shirt last night at Kohls for my work.

The shirt was sharply packed so I couldn’t try it on before buying it.
When I finally tried it on, it was too long.(Shoulder fit though.)
I asked my mother to cut the bottom so that it can fit to me.

I watched my mother doing the job. She was good at it.
And later I noticed that the shirt became top short..TOO SHORT!!!! đŸ˜¦

I have to buy some more shirts.. Not for testing.!!


2 Responses to “My Poor Dress Shirt…”

  1. If I were your mum, I would look at you with mean eyes and say “so you should do it by yourself -*-“

  2. At Sasipa // Thank got my mom is so nice. lol Xp

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