New Mac Pro’s.

New Mac Pros.

New Mac Pro's.

Those Mac Pro’s were located in the middle of the hall way to the main office.

My thought? What a waste!! They always buy new machines and replace previous ones which was purchased about a year ago. And replaced machines will be kept in a storage for years and get wasted.

I am telling you colleges are the most stupidest organization ever!!!


2 Responses to “New Mac Pro’s.”

  1. Why don’t they rent the computers instead if they wanna change that often?

    Or a better idea’s that they should give those kept in the storage out to all the students/staffs for free instead?! yeah? =p

  2. At Sasipa // Unfortunately, these people get limited budget and they have to spend all the money.
    If not, the budget for next year decreases because they spent less before.
    This is why people waste too much money for nothing.
    One more, I suggested several times to donate or sell them out for cheap price to neighbors and students, but they never listen to me.
    People are just stupid sometimes.

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