How to Use Wi-Fi at Starbucks for Almost Free.

Hi, guys!

Wi-Fi service at Starbucks store is known as paid service.
Yes, it is. You must be a customer of either AT&T or T-Mobile Wi-Fi service.

However, you can access to the Wi-Fi for almost free.

Here is the detail.

Starbucks has a Starbucks card which you perhaps saw at checkout desk last time when you visited Starbucks.

People can purchase Starbucks food by this card, and reload it.
This is important:

if you use this card at least twice a month, you get 2 free hour Wi-Fi access every day!!

And actually it is not limited to 2 hours.(You can log in again.)

Ok. So here is how to.

  1. Purchase a Starbucks card at any local Starbucks store.
  2. Go to and sign-up for both and AT&T account.
  3. On, register your card.
  4. You will receive a verification email. You must check this and click on ‘verify’ link.
  5. From now on, you’re good to go.
  6. When you connect to Wi-Fi, choose AT&T network and log in.

You can also reload your card on


4 Responses to “How to Use Wi-Fi at Starbucks for Almost Free.”

  1. Thanks for sharing information.
    Is it possible to use this recommened in Japan? 🙂

    Here, I have the story related starbuks.

    I have two starbucks shops arround my company.
    The service provided from them is different.
    For example, one of them serves real milk for free.
    this is very helpful, because, Once I have not enough money to order ‘Latte’, I usually order just ‘black or house coffee’ . I think you already expect what I am talking.
    yes you got it! I make ‘Latte’ with both of black coffee and milk. :). but most people of using this shop are business man. However, in the another shop, most people of using the shop are young, cute, pretty girls.

    that is different. which one do you prefer?

    see you

  2. Jango // Sorry for my late reply.
    How can you make latte without any machine? Hmmmm…
    I prefer regular coffee with sugar and milk. but when I am at Starbucks, I order Green Tea Latte. It’s better than coffee for my health. Right?
    Oh, and if I were you, I’d rather choose 2nd shop with young, cute, pretty girls. haha.

  3. Yes, you’re right. It’s not absolute free, but almost free. Sign up needed, because of several reasons, such as security, marketing things.

  4. At Kenu // Haha right! No one opens his/her wi-fi network for no reason. lol

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