Nemo @ Starbucks.

Ok. Nothing important.

This post is just letting you know that I am at Starbucks now.

lol I know, it’s not funny, not valuable to read. 😦

I am sitting in a Starbucks in my hood, beginning to write an Essay for my English 154W class.

I finished roughed outline, but do not wanna write any now..

Think about this.

You finished work of 7 hours, and come to Starbucks, sit on a table, and try to write something which requires brainstorming.

Ok, you can, but I can’t.

I need more mental energy….T^T



Nothing important.. just complaining. lol


2 Responses to “Nemo @ Starbucks.”

  1. I know you posted it on 29th Sept, but… You think it’s not funny? I think the ending part made me smile “Ok, you can, but I can’t”

    It’s not valuable to read? I think I just read it and writing a not funny and non valuable to read comment as well =p

    hum… At least, by the time you’re reading this comment, you already finished that essay since ages ago… eventhough you wrote it after 7 work hours, right? so? you could do it!! =D

  2. At Sasipa // Haha. Thanks. Fortunately, I finished it and later I had a chance to re-submit it. Finally I got B on the paper. πŸ™‚

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