Defragmentation: IObit Smart Defrag

I discovered this software from CNET video and tested in on my laptop.

This is awesome!!

At the moment, I was defraging C drive (99G) of my laptop hard drive using Windows preinstalled defragment program, and obviously it took a while.

However, when I used this software, 4~5 minutes were used to analyze and 1 minute to defrag. That is it!!

Here is my proof-shot.

Look. 1 minute to defrag 99G partition!

Look. 1 minute to defrag 99G partition!


3 Responses to “Defragmentation: IObit Smart Defrag”

  1. hi there

    please tell me more detail about defragmentation?
    I’ve never heard about the theory before.

    by the way can you translate the sentence below?

    ” we’ve been drinking out of a fire hose ”

    I do not know exactly what ‘out of a fire hose’ means.


  2. Jango // Defragment is an easy concept.
    When a computer stores data on its hard drive, the computer needs connected(or continuing) data storage area for the whole data.
    However, hard drive usually cannot find this long or large area.
    Instead the hard drive separates the data into several elements and store in different areas and remember where is what. This is called fragment.
    As the hard drive saves more data, all the data will be spread and it will be hard to read some specific data in the hard drive. This is one of the main reasons why computers get slow.
    Defragment is an action of wiping out the fragment by collecting elements related to a certain data and save them in continuing area so that reading data is faster than before executing defragment.

  3. Jango // And answer for the 2nd question.
    I guess the meaning is we drank too much. Fire hose may mean ‘ģ†Œķ™”ģ „’.
    Here people sometimes open it in summer so that they can cool down by playing with water from it. And it releases so much water.
    This is my answer, so I am not sure but I just guess. lol

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