I am a PC.

This is so fun.


Now Windows products are all over the world.
So many people are using them because those are easy to use.
Windows is now the most significant User-friendly desktop environment.
Why is choosing Windows considered as being a slave?
People choose what the mass choose, and it, of course, makes people use it easily.

So Now I pronounce that I am a PC, too.


2 Responses to “I am a PC.”

  1. Hello I am a PC.
    okjsp is my playground. 🙂

    As you know, “user-friendly” is very important factor in not only software business, but also all of fields.

    Even well coded software is unuseful sometime, because of lack of user-friendly.
    I always think again and again how to make users satisfied with my service before working.

    Thanks for sharing good information.


  2. Jango // Haha.
    You’re right. But sometimes ‘user-friendly’ makes me tired, requires more work. T^T

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