New Tie & Shirt.

Alphabet Tie

New Arrival: Alphabet Tie

Nemo with the Tie.

Nemo with the Tie.

I have got a new tie with a white shirt from Old Navy a week ago. At the moment, I was matching the tie with the white shirt for 30 minutes. Result? love it!! Looks a bit like a nerd, but in style.

The tie for $20, the shirt for $10.

People sometimes ask me why I wear tie even though I don’t work for a company. Why? because I feel like I am in an uniform. Make me feel mature.(because I usually don’t act as an adult. -_-;) I’ve loved wearing tie since high school, but couldn’t wear in college. And now, I feel it again. YAY!


4 Responses to “New Tie & Shirt.”

  1. tie looks good~~

    I surprise that tie is more expensive.

  2. it’s because the shirt was on sale. ^^

  3. Hi buddy!

    Many japanese companies allow employee to release around thier neck during the summer season. because of saving energe… ^^;
    Actually It works!
    ※Not wearing a tie has the effect of lowering the temperature about 2 degrees and release stressful work life.

    I don’t need to wear a tie until end of Sep.
    Btw, how is the weather there? here Japane is is more about 32 셀시어스.

    see you!

  4. now here too.
    But I still love being in a tie.
    and my workplace never force me to wear ties.
    So my co-workers ask me why.
    And they love my ties too. XD

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