Format Cells When Exporting to Excel.

If you export gridview to excel, sometimes you will face format difference.

For example date field is 082008 on your gridview, but in excel file it becomes 82008. If the excel file is imported to another system or app, it could be a problem.

So here is a solution.

In the middle of your export function, write this:

// <– This block allows to change format cell as ‘text’. If not, some content changes its format.
// Ex: 082008 becomes 82008 in an excel file.
foreach (TableRow i in gridview1.Rows)
foreach (TableCell tc in i.Cells)
tc.Attributes.Add(“class”, “text”);
string style = @”<style> .text { mso-number-format:\@; } </style> “;
// –>

And then you will see that the format is just same as gridview.!

Thanks to an article on


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