Commitment of My Parents.

Yesterday, both my parents registered for ESL classes @ QC.
I am so glad that they made such a commitment for me and for themselves.

Obviously so many Koreans in U.S. do not learn English. It’s because they are busy at work and have no time to study. We all know that. And that’s why Koreans cannot get into the mainstream of U.S.

People often say that there is still discrimination between races, so Koreans cannot get a good position in corporative environment. My opinion? B.S.! It’s because either they didn’t try or they are not enough for the positions. The more you do, the higher you can be. People always hang out only with people who have the same nationality. People make groups with nationalities, so any foreigners cannot get into the groups. They themselves build borders between people. If some foreigners come to your country and stay with their groups only, then can you like them? Can you give them good, higher positions? NO WAY!

We need to be blended. This is a new way to live in America. This is not your mother-country. Be blended.

So, what I’m saying is.. Thanks Mom and Dad!


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