A Friend from Virginia.

I got two visitors from Virginia for last three days. One of them is a friend of mine from high school in my country. We were so glad because we hadn’t met for about 3 years since I left the country. He brought his classmate via 5-hour driving.

I tried to spend as much time with them as they stay, but this visit was so sudden and my schedules were unchangeable. Friday night was awesome. I brought Carlos with me when having dinner with them @ Ariyoshi, my favorite Japanese restaurant located in Sunnyside. We drank a couple of warm Sake, and we were laughing, talking, and having fun! I could see that they studied hard because they mostly understood what Carlos and I were saying in English.(Oh, they are studying ESL in Virginia.)

Last night, they went back to their state. I felt something like.. I’m going to miss him. It was like when I graduated from high school I felt like I will not be able to see my friends everyday. I should visit him next month as Carlos said.

Bonus: A pic of Carlos while waiting for my friend in the City.




2 Responses to “A Friend from Virginia.”

  1. hi Nemo

    I am listening to Schubert♬Moments musicaux – No.3-Air russe.
    I strongly recomend this piano streaming for healing your heart to friends.

    today, here japan, it has been raining all day long.
    I cooked some korea foods – 떡볶기, 오뎅 and boiled up 찰순대 for my wife.
    what do you usually do on a rainy day?

    see you~

  2. Jango // Thanks for the recommendation! I will listen to it someday.
    Rain? too bad. I hate rainy day. I’m like a sunflower. lol
    I like to drink Jasmin tea, and listen to soft and light music on a rainy day. It makes me calm and a bit excited.
    Did you cook for your wife? What a wonderful hubby!
    I wanna marry first. haha.

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