Empty Office.

Right. My office is empty.

All the doors are closed, and no one came to work.
Only Brian, one of my band of brothers(lol), came to work.

It could be good because I can have quiet environment at least for a day.
BUT!! I am wearing a special t-shirt!! Damn it!!
I want people to see me and laugh together! T^T


4 Responses to “Empty Office.”

  1. hi buddy!
    how are you doing?

    could you give me detail about your special t-shirt?!
    so I could laugh with you πŸ™‚

    btw, have you ever drawn your future about your 40s or 50s?
    recently I’ve heard many good things from Dh λ₯˜νƒœμ˜ who was one of staffs of μƒˆλ§ˆμ„μš΄λ™ many years ago. he made me think of my 40s or 50s.
    Actually I have no idea.

    After graduating Univ, I’ve done many thing for getting good job or entering world famous company like Goldman Sachs which is my last goal in my field.
    finally I found very good company two years ago.
    now I have no goal. so I am thinking and making my new goal…

    if you have any your goal would you share it with me?

    see you !

    kindly regards

  2. emerson11 Says:

    let me see let me see …

  3. Jango // Hey!. May future plan? Hmmmm….
    The one in my mind is.. to study what I want to study.
    We all know that people in this field must keep studying, and I strongly agree.
    And I am thinking of second career as computer forensic investigator.
    Also I want to do whatever. I was a frog in a water well, and I didn’t have chance to experience so many things.
    And Now things changed. I will have as many experiences of fun as possible.

    Emerson11 // Hi! You keep changing id. -_-;;
    I will upload a pic of the tee soon. ^-^

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