Book shopping

I liked reading books in my high school years. I usually read military novels and I had collection. However, since I’ve been in colleges I’ve read textbooks and tech books only. Right. I now feel like a robot.

Recently I read a novel written by a Korean programmer working in Wall street. I had all his books, but gave them away to my juniors and friends because I wanted them to read the books and wake up! This book is not in his style but it was a good try. I hope translated version comes out for everyone in the world.

Now, I need new books to read, so I will go to Barnes & Novel tomorrow and see what’s readable. This is another kind of shopping! yay!!!


2 Responses to “Book shopping”

  1. Maybelline Says:

    lol!!! Could you shed a light on that book? Just curious.

  2. Maybelline // Hi, Thynn!
    I made a link to the book blog post. You can see how it looks like but you can’t read it at all.(because it’s written in Korean.^^;)

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