I jog in every morning.
I only planned and planned jogging, but this was the first time I actually jog.
On the first two days I was so tired because of lack of sleep, but now I feel more active and energatic.

And hopefully this will help lose my weight. 😉


2 Responses to “Jogging”

  1. hi yo!

    I have been jogging from 14th July. I usually jog more than 4.5km.
    as you know jogging can make me feel active and energic!
    in my case, my wife also join my jogging plan. we can talk many things while we are jogging.

    btw, Tokyo’s security is quite good so… we jog around my town – (river side ^^;) at night(9’00 pm). how about your town? I watched a lot of accidents from CIA (miami)..


  2. Jango // my town is a bit safer than other areas. But still murder and terrible things often happen.
    I jog in the morning because no one bothers me. No traffic, fewer walkers, quiet village. And I can’t jog after work, so I do it in the morning.

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