iPod Touch Armband from iArmBands.com

I purchased this product for $12.97 including shipping for my morning jogging.
I haven’t used this yet, but I felt good when I tried this on for a test.
Any other products from different companies are for naked iPod Touch nothing is applied on.
Because I have some skin on mine, I needed a little wider storage space, so I chose this.

I don’t know how good this will be, but for now my review is 5/5.

Ok. I used this product this morning(August 3rd), and this is pretty good. So 5/5.


One Response to “iPod Touch Armband from iArmBands.com”

  1. hi

    Wow! that’s cool! you have i-Pod and a Case! I don’t have i-Pod yet!
    btw could you let me know where you live in US. so I can find the place from google earth! let’s share the information!

    my address is 東京都葛飾区東四つ木2-21-10-907. you can find my place from yahoo.co.jp or google map.


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