Stress and Stress.

I am a very optimistic person.
I don’t easily get stressed, but today was a bit different.

At first, AC in my office wasn’t working. The temperature went up to 8X degree.
I opened the office door and turned on an old fan, and it came down till 79 degree.

Second, Because the door was open all Summer school kids passed my office and made noisy.
It drove me crazzzzy…

Third, I had a meeting with my client and explained how to use my app for them, but they wanted me to maintain the app annually. I didn’t create the app for myself! I made the app so easy to use and now they say “WE WANT YOU TO OPERATE IT!”

As a programmer, the most stressful thing which makes me angry is that my app isn’t used or wasted. Clients don’t know how hard the process of creating the app is, but they just say “we do like it.” or “we don’t like it.” This time, I may have second most stressful thing, forcing the developer to maintain what he/she created.

p.s: Fortunately, the AC came back to work.(Thanks to engineers!)


2 Responses to “Stress and Stress.”

  1. I’ve ready this from OkJSP just a few minutes ago!
    I have some tips to cheer you up!

    1. okjsp is allways with you.
    2. this stressful thing makes you a strong person.
    3. just enjoy this stressful thing!

  2. Jango // Thanks for the advices. 😉

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